Monday, April 21

Ste Gen. Night at Bush Stadium on July 22!

Transcript from the Church Bulletin:

"On Tuesday, July 22, the Ste Gen. Quartet of Floyd Gilliam, Steve Lohrer, Peg Lord and Peg Fonke along with back up singers from Ste Gen School will sing the National Anthem before the game between the Cardinals and the Rays. Seats will be located in the Left Field Loge sections and tickets are $20. $5 will go to the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

Tickets are available in the parish office Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm. "

Saturday, April 19

Must read in you are a Warson Woods Resident

Warson Woods Neighbors - 

Please see the attached comprehensive resident survey so your voice can be heard and considered as decisions are made regarding St. Matt's property and more. Print, complete and drop survey by City Hall (or mail). Survey is also on the WW website under resident tab.

Looking for additional options like:

1  Park – WW residents have to pay for it through a bond issue, etc
2    Single family homes
3   Hybrid = Park & Homes
4   Hybrid = Park & parking for RW school
)      5 Multifamily homes

Wednesday, April 16

Warson Woods Board of Aldermen Meeting April 15, 2014

Notes courtesy of Pat Flood

Warson Woods Board of Aldermen Meeting April 15, 2014 -- 
Next Meeting May 20, 2014  7 p.m. City Hall

A reporter from the Webster Kirkwood Times was in attendance. You are encouraged to go to their website to read more about these issues.

The Mayor welcomed approximately 40 people to the meeting.  He said that the entire Board was glad so many citizens wanted to participate.

1. St. Matthew’s Update:  It was reported that the initial “stakeholders” meetings had taken place with the Consultant to get an idea on what citizens wanted to happen to the property.  Six such people were interviewed. A citizen said that at the last meeting the Board had agreed to enlarge this number but the Mayor said that if that had been agreed to it had not happened.  Two or three “living room” sessions have also taken place with residents hosting meetings in their homes to get citizen feedback. People are invited by the home owners to these meetings. There is no public notification.  It was hoped that such a meeting could take place in Ward 4 soon.
 Again the main concern among citizens was the lack of information available to citizens, especially on the website. The Aldermen stated that they would try to get more info out including minutes of the living room sessions.  A citizen asked when the “oversight committee” called for in the Consultant’s contract would be meeting and would the public be able to attend.   The Mayor said that the Board was the oversight committee and that it would meet in open session.  The St. Matt’s development would also be discussed at the planning and zoning committee meetings.   It was noted that the time period for looking into possible development options set out in the memo of understanding with Grace Episcopal, the successor to the St. Matt’s property, is nearing an end. A citizen asked if there had been a  traffic study and was told there was no need for one at this time.
It was also reported that someone from Grace had come and removed shrubbery from the St. Matt’s property leaving holes that could be a danger.  The City will look into this.

2.  Discussion of  banning the parking of  commercial vehicles on the streets:  The city attorney presented three options for discussion on this topic. The Board was not ready to discuss this matter and continued it to the next meeting.  It was hoped that the options would be put on the website so everyone could familiarize themselves with them before the May meeting.

3.  Street Repair:  The City is entering into a contract to repair damaged slabs soon.

Saturday, April 12

Fish Fry at the Warson Woods Park

One email went out on Wednesday and BOOM! This is SO what we are about here in Warson Woods. 200+ people showed up. Tons of kids. Bountfire. 100 lbs of Catfish and 30 lbs of french fries later, the Party was a HUGE success.

Thanks to Mike Lewis, Brian Carr, Mike Andrews and the other volunteers for putting this Fish Fry together. You guys totally rock!

Wednesday, April 2

Upcoming Board Meeting

City of Warson Woods @WarsonWoodsCity Mar 28

The next board meeting for the City of Warson Woods is April 15, 2014. We would love to hear what you have to say.

Sunday, March 30

A Message from my good friend Michael Shipley

Photo of Michael when he was one and out campaigning for his dad Tom Shipley, Sr. for Warson Woods Alderman in 1976

Monday, March 24

Must read! The fire of 1957

Thank you so much Dick Lodge for letting me share with  that story on the BLOG!!

My family moved into 16 Ridgeline in December 1949. I was 8 years old my sister had not yet been born. Warson Woods at the time went from Manchester Road to North Drive and from Ridgeline to Andrew. Everything between Andrew and Woodlawn was woods, except for Bennett, which was a gravel road leading to some greenhouses and a stable. Everything between North Drive and Warson Road was also woods. I was in the third grade and Hudson was 4-6 that year, so I had to go to Schall in Rock Hill. The following year, I started Hudson. In 1960 my grandparents died and my great-grandmother came to live with us, so my dad built the house at 847 Rampart. They lived in that house until 1980. " Dick Lodge

Friday, March 14

Board of Aldermen meeting minutes - Courtesy of Pat Flood

Thanks again Pat for providing us with this detailed report:

Warson Woods Board of Aldermen met March 11, 2014. The meeting was moved from March 18, 2014.  Approximately 30 residents appeared.    The next scheduled Board meeting is April 15, 2014 but please check the website for any changes.

St. Matthews Property Project:  The Board reported on the Consultant’s progress and many citizens spoke regarding their views on the project. All spoke against the condo idea.  The mayor indicated that the idea still had support in the community.    A complete report of this topic can be found on line and in the hard copy of this week’s Webster Kirkwood Times.
Please note that the Mayor said that updates on meetings with citizens regarding this matter would be posted on the new website.
Snow removal:  A citizen spoke about her lack of satisfaction with the snow removal this year. The mayor said he had received many complaints about this and it would be considered when the contract comes up for renewal.
Maintenance of the St. Matts property  A citizen requested that either the City or the Church pick up the leaves and keep the grass cut on the property so  the green space can be used.
The new website:   The new Warson Woods  website is going to go live March 17 and should be much more user friendly.
Renewable Energy Systems:   A vote was taken on a new ordinance regarding renewable energy technology on houses.   A citizen spoke regarding this and voiced her concern that the Board may not have given this matter enough consideration
The City attorney reported that he would hopefully have some report on a possible ordinance regarding the parking of commercial vehicles on the streets for the next meeting although he said he would not have a proposed ordinance.

Wednesday, March 12

Update on the WW Board of Aldermen Meeting last night

Could you give me a digest of the meeting last night I would like to post it on the Blog to reach out to more people. Tx Linda

Linda Schweigert
About 20 people showed up. Probably 12 of those are my neighbors on Flanders. Biggest concern is traffic. I met with the planner on Friday. He thinks there will be entrances on both Bennett and Flanders. 2) Increased parking on the streets by guests of the Condos and Rohan Woods people. 3)What kind of materials will be used in constructing the Condos. Will they look good and fit into a single family neighborhood?4) Loss of the only green space left in WW. 5) The Board thinks there are WW older people will buy these Condos to stay in the neighborhood if they can no longer care for their larger home.

Thanks, can I mention your name?

Sure !

I am also worried about the construction traffic and noise. They are guessing but think this could take well over a year.

+ Melissa Fox posted this on Facebook this am:

Hello! I attended the meeting last night but had to leave early because I has my little one with me. I still have five questions.
1) what are the three phases of the gathering information plan with the consultant?
2) What is the timeline for the three phases?
3) Does the consultant warson woods hired have any financial gain to be made if the results come out one way or another?
4) Does the $8,000+ we paid to the consultant include a traffic survey?
5) We the residents be able to read the final report from the consultant? 

I will call Judy today to ask her these questions. From what I could gather, we paid a lot of money for a consultant to hold 14 interviews and 2/3 in home meetings, and the write a report. I'm hoping the money includes more than that.

Sunday, February 23

Warson Woods Board of Aldermen Monthly Meeting

Courtesy of Pat Flood.

Warson Woods Board of Aldermen had their monthly meeting Feb. 18, 2014. Just a few notes:

1.        The plans for the now vacant St. Matthew’s Church property. Warson Woods purchased the adjacent lot two years ago.   The mayor stated that the purpose at the time was to retain the lot as green space as the Church had intended to sell it to a developer.  He said that the green space idea was not meant to be permanent and the City and the Church are now proceeding with plans to possibly develop the area.  Residents spoke in opposition to the condo development idea discussed at prior meetings and mentioned in a newspaper article. The mayor said the condo idea had a lot of support.  Residents stated their belief that Warson Woods should remain a single family dwelling community; that property values would be reduced if the condos were built; that traffic would increase drastically and that children would be put in danger because of that. Speakers also suggested that the City should consider developing single family houses; retain the green space; or use the Church building for a City Hall or multi-purpose building. 
The Board was also asked if citizens should get petitions signed. The Mayor said that the Consultant is now speaking with six citizens to get their ideas and he, the Consultant, should be allowed to do his job.   The groups will get larger as the project progresses.  When asked why larger meetings were not being held now the Mayor said that it made no sense for a large number of people to be consulted at this time.
Communication was the biggest complaint with many residents near the Church property saying that they felt they were not receiving the information they should.  It was discussed that a meeting had been held with the Consultant and when asked if there was any reason why the Aldermen from the Ward where the property is located were not invited they were told there was no reason.

2.        Lighting at Andrew and Manchester. The lights on the entrance way should be on soon.

3.         The Bread Company will be moving from its current location in Greentree to the Schnuck's parking lot.  Concerns were raised with Kirkwood about increased traffic on Woodlawn due to one of the Manchester entrances being closed off for the store.

4.        A new website is being developed by one of our police officers who has expertise in this area.  A demonstration was given. This will aid the communication issue including hopefully posting meeting agendas with hyperlinks to proposed ordinances and other documents so they can be reviewed by Citizens without having to attend the meetings or in preparation for comments at the meetings.

5.       The City Attorney reported that proposed ordinances regarding the parking of commercial vehicles on the streets and the installation of solar energy technology on homes are being prepared.

Next Board Meeting: Mach 18, 2014 7 p.m.